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Bungalow for Sale in Mangalore

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Bungalow for Sale in Mangalore
4 bedroom Bungalow, 6.8 cents of land is available for sale in Falnir. The area is 2300 sqft and it is available at the price of Rs. 75 lakhs.
On: Feb 24, 2012 | by Ahemed Nawaz
Posh 6 BHK Bungalow available for Sale in Pumpwell with 4 bathrooms. Area of this place - 4500 sqft. and price - Rs. 1,27,00000.
On: Feb 13, 2012 | by Ahemed Nawaz
2200 sqft, 4 bedroom marble flooring independent bungalow including all the basic amenities available for sale at Pandeshwar.
On: Oct 03, 2011 | by Agent
2 years old well-constructed excellent 2200sqft, 4 bedroom independent bungalow with marble flooring and basic amenities available for sale at Pandeshwar, Subhashnagar.
On: Sep 13, 2011 | by Agent
Spacious excellent 4 bedroom, 3000sqft duplex bungalow with independent balconies for all rooms available sale near Urwa Market, Urwa.
On: Aug 24, 2011 | by Agent

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